A Message from Thomas

If there is anything good about getting old it is that you grow in wisdom!  The accumulative result of a lifetime of experiences mean you have knowledge that can be shared.  Wisdom, as a tool of faith, is about knowing your place before God and Lent is the opportunity to think about our relationship with God.

Many of us live quite dislocated lives in relation to God!  We search for God but he has already found us!  We are restless for God but he is there before us!  We believe ourselves to be searching for a God who has saved us, we are restless for a God who has found us!!  I don’t like being unsettled but I know there is value in sticking with the emotion it invokes rather than just becoming annoyed at the inconvenience!

Lent is an opportunity to stay with the emotion of a suffering Christ and addressing some of the challenges of being a Christian in the 21st Century.  Not having ready answers to every question is challenging but wisdom is about having the heart and mind of God, not offering endless sound bites.

The light of Christ now exchanged for Lenten abstinence, is a light that brings new epiphanies that reshape our understanding, confound our reason and bring deeper transformation.  For worshipping communities the way we express our wisdom is through our commitment to Jesus Christ, by caring for one another and then being a Christian presence in the world.

As ever


The Revd Canon Thomas Woodhouse
Team Rector