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"See, I am making all things new"

Morning assembly in the local church school was under way, and the head teacher introduced the vicar, making her monthly visit. It was just before the October half-term so Hallowe’en was approaching, so the head knew she would want to stress that this meant the Eve of All Hallows, All Saints.

As usual, she began her talk with a question. “Now then, who can tell me anything about All Saints?”

Harvest Workshop held at St Mary's Church

An amazing Harvest workshop was held at St Mary's Church, Dorchester, led by Kate Woodhouse, Revd Teresa Stewart Sykes & YP@D, Revd Alison Whiting and Susan Press. The children started the afternoon with a story with Jono Parvin, then made a Harvest loaf, planted cress heads with eggshell, put prayers on a tree, and finger painted the harvest sun and moon. The Rector, Thomas Woodhouse, closed the afternoon with prayers.

Ride & Stride, September 2014

Ride and Stride, Saturday September 13th 2014. Helpers and cyclists at St Mary's Church supporting Dorset Historic Churches Trust.

Dorset County Show, September 2014

Dorset County Show, September 6 / 7th 2014. Visitors and helpers at the Churches Together in Dorset Stand.

'Music and Marriage' - Winterborne Monkton Flower Festival

These photos were taken at the Winterborne Monkton Flower Festival, 'Music and Marriage' on 21 - 22 June 2014.

Walk / Cycle to the River Jordan, 2014

Christian Aid Walk (or Cycle) to the River Jordan. Lining up for the start, the Bluebell Woods, which were marvellous this year, and crossing the River Jordan at Bowleaze Cove. Strong wind, but not much rain! The walk raised over £500, so very many thanks to those who contributed or took part.


On the 6 August we celebrate the Feast of Transfiguration. In the story Jesus takes three disciples and goes up the mountain to pray. Suddenly his face and clothing are transfigured – transformed – and are dazzling white. As Peter, one of the disciples, asks if they can build tents and stay, a cloud overshadows them and God’s voice is heard, saying that Jesus is God’s son. In the midst of the ordinary activity of a walk up a mountain, heaven is torn open and the presence of God is revealed. The ordinary becomes extraordinary and suddenly the hidden is revealed.

Enjoy being Creative

As Spring turns to Summer we realise how blessed we are to live in Dorset particularly having the opportunities to get out and enjoy the countryside and the seaside, the woodland and heathland about us. We see the beauty of God’s creation in trees and flowers, animals, birds and insects and in the sea and sky and are moved to give thanks to God the creator of it all. As writer of the book of Genesis puts it’ “God saw everything that he had made and indeed it was very good”