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Living in Community

A portrait of Revd Canon John Wood

After the great celebration of Easter Day, the Church calendar carries on through the seven weeks of the Easter season to Pentecost, each Sunday gospel witnessing to the experience of the first disciples of the risen Lord, through the Ascension to St Luke’s story of the gift of the Spirit. Together, the disciples are gifted with the resurrection appearances, with his ascension into heaven, and with the Spirit.

Easter Hopes and Fears

A portrait of the Revd Canon Alan Woods

I often wonder how Jesus felt as he entered Jerusalem at the beginning of what we call Holy Week.

He was met by triumphant crowds who saw him as the person who was to save his nation from domination by the Romans. Yet as the week went on we saw a man who shrugged off the adulation of the crowds, spent time with his friends, sought refuge outside the city for peace and respite and then gave the Passover meal with his closest a new and everlasting meaning. It did not end there as he was tried and in some people’s eyes found guilty and cruelly executed.

A Moving Story

Portrait of Nicholas Papadopulos, Dean of Salisbury

This year Salisbury celebrates one of the most remarkable stories of medieval England. It’s the story of the Cathedral that moved.

In 1220 the consecration stones of a new Cathedral were laid and anointed, only 2.5 miles from the site of the existing Cathedral. Bishop Richard Poore and his clergy had determined that the hilltop of OId Sarum was no longer an appropriate place for their foundation. So, with breath- taking audacity, they moved it to the plain below, where five rivers meet, and where it has stood ever since.

Our Guide for Life

Signpost covered in snow

Some years ago we went to the BBC Gardeners World exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. We drove there and back without any problems, guided every mile of the way by Christopher, the disembodied but very polite voice of the Satnav on my mobile phone. Perfect, precise directions led us through unfamiliar territory and navigated us successfully around complex junctions that offered a multitude of possibilities for taking the wrong direction. Finally, when we arrived at our destination, Christopher announced, “There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Some Christmas Poets

Throughout December we seem to be bombarded by Christmas tunes. Some are rather over optimistic: ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’ (really?). A great tune can have an odd message: ‘A spaceman came travelling’. Some tug the heart strings: ‘Feed the world, let them know it’s Christmas time’.

There is of course a long tradition of Christmas music. JS Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, Handel’s Messiah, and for many, Christmas is not Christmas without a carol from John Rutter.

Poets have also been inspired by Christmas. John Benjamin exclaims:

Walk to the River Jordan 2019

Kate, Val, Robin, Russell, Denise and Steve walked to the River Jordan (the Weymouth branch, which flows into the sea at Bowleaze Cove) on 18th May. We raised £305.75 including Gift Aid for Christian Aid. The walk was 11 miles long, and the photos were taken at the start of the walk, and towards the end, at the point where the bridge crosses the river.


Ringing in the new Dorset Council

On Thursday 16 May, St Peter's Church Bells rang out in the morning to celebrate the first meeting of the new Dorset Council which was then taking place.


Dorchester Neighbourcars

Dorchester Neighbourcars are asking for volunteers to man a mobile phone occasionally for them, thereby assisting clients to attend health related appointments in the Dorchester area.
The role is home based so might suit someone less mobile.
We can pay a fee if necessary.
For more information, please phone 01305 269330, Joan Hutson, administrator

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A Benefice Christmas

The crib at St Mary's, Winterbourne Abbas

I always marvel at the number and variety of Christmas services and events that happen across our nine Anglican churches. This year I found myself wondering: Would it be possible to go to one Christmas event in each of the nine churches?