On such a lovely morning as this

Revd Keith Magee

In the sky
The song of the skylark
Greets the dawn.
In the fields wet with dew
The scent of the violets
Fills the air.

On such a lovely morning as this
Surely on such a lovely morning as this

Lord Jesus
Came forth
From the tomb.

I love the simplicity of this poem by the Japanese Christian poet, Genzo Mizuno. On such a lovely morning as this, Lord Jesus came forth from the tomb. On a spring Easter morning for us, it can be anything from brilliant sunshine to snow. For the women going to the tomb on that first Easter morning, I’m not sure what the weather was like, but it was a morning of tension, anticipation and surprise. What started as a journey to the tomb to anoint the body of a loved one who had tragically died turned into a moment of complete wonder and awe. The angel, the man dressed in white who was sitting in the open tomb, told them, “He is not here, he is risen”. He told the women to go and tell Peter and the other disciples. So off they fled, filled with a whole mixture of emotions and reactions, terror and amazement being among them.

As we hear the Easter story again this year, it can too easily sound as if it is just another Easter, and in that moment, lose sight of the wonder and joy of the resurrection. Jesus died on the cross and rose again for us. This is not just a once a year celebration. This is an everyday reality that gives us life and hope. We live in a relationship of love and joy with God because of what Jesus has done for us.

This is not just a cause for celebration on one day. It is something that fills our lives with wonder and thankfulness on everyday. It may be a day of brilliant sunshine, a day of dark clouds. It may even be a day when skylarks sing and violets burst forth in bloom. Each day we can celebrate that Jesus came forth from the tomb and our lives with God have changed immeasurably because of this. Let us give thanks to God for this wonderful gift of love and life.

Revd Keith Magee
Team Rector