Where is God in all this?

Portrait of Revd Canon Chris Savage

Ten years ago I led a team of workplace chaplains in Cambridgeshire and regularly visited the staff at Cambridge Crown Courts. On several occasions I took round the Courts a group of local ordinands. I asked them to visit staff and defendants with their families who sat outside the courts anxiously waiting to be called in. When reporting back they were asked to answer a short question, “Where is God in all this”. There were many responses such as “Christ was suffering with them”. They also felt a conversation with a Christian helped those who sometimes were terrified of what might happen, to feel calm.

“Where is God in all this” must have passed through our minds as we have suffered the unexpected Lockdown since March 23rd because of Covid 19. We are made in the image of God and are social creatures, but we have been restricted in our movements for reasons that have to date been accepted by the public. Yet we have missed our friends and especially our parents and grandchildren.

God has been at work through the kindnesses of many friends and strangers that have been reported. There has also been the heroic example of Colonel Tom and a survey reported that 25% of the population had logged into church services on the internet.

We have taken part in the weekly clapping for NHS and key workers and carers. It has been a great joyful event in our road with much clapping and banging of saucepans; also, a great opportunity to briefly catch up with neighbours. That event is a joyful thanksgiving for me and my family’s deliverance. In the Exsultet sang on Holy Saturday night, God is praised for Israel’s freeing from slavery and safe deliverance through the sea. Alleluia!

Revd Canon Chris Savage