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Welcome to the John White Web Pages.

Here, you will find an overview of the life, works and historical context of Rev. John White, Rector of Holy Trinity and St. Peter's, Patriarch of Dorchester, and Founder of Massachusetts. We hope you enjoy them.

You can find information on

  • John White's life
  • John White and Dorchester
  • John White's Christian faith
  • Religion and politics in John White's time
  • The American connection
  • John White in Context: a historical timeline
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    There are also :

    • Bibliography - links and further reading
    • The Legacy of John White- Christians and social care - local projects 400 years after Rev. John White
    • Events


These web pages were constructed as part of 'John White 400', a series of events commemorating the 400th anniversary of the appointment of Rev. John White as Rector of Holy Trinity and St. Peter's churches, Dorchester, Dorset. Details of John White 400 events can be found in the John White 400 calendar. Whether a visitor or resident, you will be very welcome at any of the events.

Please note that historical information on these web pages is taken from secondary and tertiary sources. It is your responsibility to check that the information is correct before using it. Dates are given in the old (Julian) calendar except that the start of the year is taken to be January.

We are grateful to the Dorchester MA Historical Society, and to the First Church in Windsor CT for providing pictures for these pages, and to Superdrug, Dorchester UK for facilitating the photography of the doorway of John White's Rectory.