Coming together as Easter begins!

Holy Saturday, 31st March 2018

On the Eve of Easter we invite you to start the Easter celebrations together as the nine worshipping communities of the Dorchester and The Winterbournes join together at St Mary’s Church, Edward Road at 8pm.

The notes below explain the symbolism of the service.  By way of celebrating our common life we will light from the flames of one fire the paschal candles of the nine churches and we will also renew our baptismal vows together.  This is a moment of unity, a service that I hope you want to come to…

  • The Liturgy of the Light takes place after dark on Saturday outside the Church.  The Paschal Fire is blessed and from its flames a light is taken to ignite the Paschal Candles.  We glimpse the fragile light of Resurrection and its light leads us back to God. 
  • The Vigil of Readings are the stories of our redemption.  Starting in the Old Testament, the Vigil draws us toward the moment of Salvation, we proclaim Christ as risen!  For the
  • Liturgy of Initiation we stand at the font.  Having heard of flood, of grave, of glory, we stand in the light and we recall our baptism promises. 
  • Proclaiming the Good News! Mary was the only disciple to see the Risen Christ on that first visit to the tomb.  The other disciple, saw, believed and went to tell the others.  We too go and we tell the Good News.

As ever

Thomas Woodhouse

Team Rector of Dorchester and The Winterbournes