Dorchester Befriending Service

Could You be a Friend?

Doing the small things that make a big difference

Many older people in Dorset can have their lives changed through contact with befriending schemes. Loneliness and isolation are common among older people living alone.

Volunteers provide a range of services to people who require additional support to remain independent and active in their community. Anyone can become a volunteer and make an incredible difference to someone else’s life. Even an hour a week will make a difference.

We would like to meet volunteers who are interested in befriending or training to be a co-ordinator in this exciting scheme. The coordinator is supported and mentored by a line manager. The coordinator is also part of a network of coordinators across Dorset.  This network provides additional support, facilitates sharing best practice and assisting with problem solving.

Services provided by volunteers include;

  • Home visits, sharing a cup of tea and a good conversation
  • Accompanying clients on shopping trips or shopping on their behalf
  • Reading to those who are visually impaired
  • Assisting with correspondence
  • Accompanying people on short walks
  • Sitting to relieve a carer

There is no specialised requirement for volunteers, you just need to;

  • possess a willingness and desire to help
  • be committed to providing reliable, consistent support
  • identify how much time you are able to comfortably give
  • identify the kind of service you would like to offer
  • enjoy sharing your time with others and meeting new people

The benefits to both volunteers and older people are numerous and rewarding;

  • you meet new people
  • you learn new things about others and the area in which you live
  • people retain their independence and self-esteem
  • volunteers experience a feeling of contributing to an invaluable service and of making a real difference to the life of someone else

Could you be a member of this fantastic team and help to improve someone’s quality of life?

 If you would like more information, please contact Tina Damon – Sparks Royal Voluntary Service on 077368 25330 or 01305 236666