Enjoy being Creative

As Spring turns to Summer we realise how blessed we are to live in Dorset particularly having the opportunities to get out and enjoy the countryside and the seaside, the woodland and heathland about us. We see the beauty of God’s creation in trees and flowers, animals, birds and insects and in the sea and sky and are moved to give thanks to God the creator of it all. As writer of the book of Genesis puts it’ “God saw everything that he had made and indeed it was very good”

But it is not only in the countryside that we see God’s continuing work of creation. Human beings are made in the image of God and all people have the spark of creativity within them though it is expressed in different ways. We have only to look around our church buildings to see the creative skill of stonemasons and woodcarvers, of stained glass artists and painters while others use their talents for making music, in needlework or flower arranging as a way of worshipping and glorifying God. Even if we feel we are not that gifted, we can all use our inborn creativity in cooking or gardening, in creative writing, drawing or painting or in a whole range of handicrafts and this creative activity gives us life and joy.

In being creative ourselves we come to realise that our creativity is vulnerable, our work into which we have poured something of ourselves can easily be spoiled. If this is true for us we can see the great love of God in creating a world which is very good but which humankind neglects and damages and destroys. Yet God continues to pour out his love to us, the people he knit together before we were even born, that love shown in Jesus with his arms stretched out on the cross for the whole world. Creation is a costly act, so as we enjoy the created world around us we need to respect it and care for it as we enjoy being creative even in a very small way. 

Rev'd Jane Culliford

Team Vicar, St Andrew's Church, West Stafford