Our Guide for Life

Signpost covered in snow

Some years ago we went to the BBC Gardeners World exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. We drove there and back without any problems, guided every mile of the way by Christopher, the disembodied but very polite voice of the Satnav on my mobile phone. Perfect, precise directions led us through unfamiliar territory and navigated us successfully around complex junctions that offered a multitude of possibilities for taking the wrong direction. Finally, when we arrived at our destination, Christopher announced, “There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

We don’t have a Satnav with its disembodied voice to guide us through our journey of life. We don’t have a Christopher, but we do have Christ. We have a guide who told his disciples “I am the way, the truth and the life”. What better guide could we have to follow through our journey of life?

Jesus told us that he is the way by which the believer is to walk. His way leads to the cross and to resurrection – to death of self and to new life. His way isn’t about rules and regulations or precise directions but about Jesus himself. His way is the way of self-giving love at whatever the cost.

Following Jesus, walking in his way, brings with it the promise of new, rich, full lives starting here and now in this world and continuing in the world to come. New lives through which we are enabled to see the alluring glitter and gloss that often tempt us for the sham and shallow dross they really are. New lives through which we are enabled to fulfil our God given destinies. New lives which begin when we start to follow Jesus' way of self giving love. New lives guided not by the disembodied voice of technology but by the voice of the Son of God.

So, as we journey on through life, do we follow guides and gurus whose precise and directive instructions mirror Christopher’s in saying, “Turn left in 100 yards and then immediately turn right”? or do we follow Christ who simply says, “Follow me”?

The Revd Richard Press