Annual Parochial Church Meeting to be held 5th April

Dear Friends,

On the 5th April 2017 we will gather for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting in St Peter’s Church Hall at 7.30pm.  We know that the Holy Spirit works through the committees, councils and synods of the Church and I delight in those who give their time and talents to serve God through membership of these bodies.

Please give serious consideration to whether God is calling you to serve on one of the church committees, or the join the PCC, or indeed to join the Deanery Synod?  The future direction of our churches and the Team depends on us having robust conversation that leads to prayerful decisions.

A number of our Churchwardens are not standing for re-election this year.  Their contribution has been amazing and we have all benefitted from their wise counsel and generous commitment.  We will place on record at the APCM our thanks, but we can start that thanks here! 

As ever,