St George's Lunch Club

The Lunch Club meets once a month (usually the first Saturday, but there are exceptions) in St George’s Hall at 12.30p.m. for companionship and a friendly informal meal followed by a Raffle. The cost is £3.00 per head and this includes a drink of sherry or fruit juice, a hot main course and a sweet, followed by tea or coffee.

The Lunch Club was initiated over 15 years ago by a small team from St George’s Church who thought that the facilities of a large kitchen and a handsome hall would be ideally suited to the needs of a Luncheon Club. From early beginnings, we now cater for 45 on average every month.

We have a Birthday Lunch out at a local Hostelry every year and the Raffle is a major part of every meeting. When there is a surplus of funds we also donate to Charity and last year we gave to The Flood and Earthquake appeals. The Lunch Club is open to all Senior Citizens and is run by Val Scriven, who is the chief cook, assisted by several others mostly from St George’s congregation. Some of our members are church goers and some not. Everyone is welcome and the entrance hall on a Lunch Club day is full of buggies, wheelie walkers and the occasional wheelchair. It is an added bonus if there is a wedding on that Saturday, then we can see the Wedding guests arrive in all their finery.

If you would like further information please contact Val Scriven on 265177