Dorchester Poverty Action Group

Registered charity number 1041397

What is DPAG?

A local charity that seeks out causes of poverty and ways to tackle them. It makes grants of up to £150 on request from a care agency to those in urgent need. Money given to this charity goes entirely to local people.

Did you know?

  • This appears to be a prosperous area but there are many people who really do need this sort of help.
  • In a crisis just £150 can help to prevent a young family breaking up or an old person's health being damaged or a mentally ill person's whole future being destroyed.
  • Many people who live in our lovely villages cannot afford to run a car yet cannot get to a job without one.
  • Lots of people in this area are not eligible for any benefits yet have such low paid jobs that they would be better off not working at all.
  • Normally people manage their finances well - it is when a crisis occurs out of the blue that DPAG is such a help.

Help us to help local people in need

Give now to keep this really useful local Charity running.

Dorchester Poverty Action Group is supported by all the town and country Churches. Come to its meetings, held every two months at 7.30pm in Fordington Methodist Church Hall.

Meal Tickets

The café owner in Top o' Town car park works with the Hub to provide good meals for homeless people in exchange for a £3.50 meal ticket issued by the local churches. It is well used - about 700 meals a year are provided.

Wyvern Savings & Loan (formerly First Dorset Credit Union)

enables anyone in West Dorset to save and borrow money without big interest charges. It was initiated by DPAG and has flourished. Find out what it can offer YOU as a saver, borrower or volunteer.


These independent ventures help those on low incomes to help themselves. To find out more about them and offer YOUR help, phone one of the numbers below:

Dorchester Poverty Action Group

info [at] dpag [dot] org [dot] uk

(From outside the UK, phone +44 [Area code without zero] [local number]

e.g Wyvern +44 1305 268444)

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