St Simon & St Jude, Winterborne Monkton, DT2 9PT

Parish of Winterborne Monkton

Our small rural church dates from the 13th Century and is situated in the hamlet of Winterborne Monkton, nestled in the valley south of Maiden Castle, two miles from Dorchester. The church is shared with the hamlet of Winterborne Herringston, whose associations with it are historic.

We worship twice a month, on the first Sunday with Holy Communion and the third Sunday with Matins, using the BCP. For family based services a more modern, simpler format is used. Surrounded by a community still based in, or retired from, agriculture we make a special point of celebrating Rogation and Harvest.

Despite the lack of a shop or school, the church is still supported by the local community, and a small band of volunteers ensure the church is well cared for. It is always a pleasure to welcome visitors and parents with children, who enjoy the interactive nature of special family services.

Despite facing difficulties with congregation size and fund raising, the residents in Monkton still see the church as a focal point. Weddings, christenings and funerals are all held here, along with recitals and even fiddle lessons. Apparently the acoustics are perfect for aspiring or accomplished musicians!